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2005 Emmys Revised!
fringe peter
For graphics challenge @ spillthecolors, for universe_the.  Challenge was to "fix" an award show year.  I chose Emmys 2005 because Dominic Monaghan and CSI's episode "Grave Danger" were badly robbed, Naveen never should have been nominated, and I got banned for the first time at TWoP because of it all.  NOT MY FAULT BTW.  TWoP CAN SUCK IT.

Original Emmy list here for comparison.

Note: All images are separate.  If perchance you want an icon, just click on it.  It won't copy the title card next to it.  The only one that's off size-wise is Homer.  If you want that one, just let me know and I will post the correct size for you.  Feel free to add text to any, I'd just like to see it :D


emmy35emmyab emmy41emmyal

emmy38emmyan emmy39emmyae

emmy40emmyac emmy36emmyad
emmy27cemmyag emmy29emmyam

emmy30emmyah emmy31emmyak

emmy32emmyai emmy33emmyaj
emmy1emmy1a emmy2emmy2a

emmy3emmy3a emmy4emmy4a

emmy19emmym emmy18emmyn


emmy7emmyu emmy10emmyv

emmy15bemmyx emmy14emmyz

emmy8bemmyy emmy17emmyw

emmy11emmys emmy9demmyt

emmy13emmyq emmy16emmyp

emmy12emmyr emmy6bemmyo





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I'm in awe of how quickly you did this!

Love your choices for nominations and I really love the Kate icon!

Thank you! It was a lot harder than I thought. I took the extra step to look up all the individual episodes to get the most accurate screencaps. I'm annoying that way :D

And yeahhhh please tell me it's Gun!Kate, one of my favs. The second Kate came out a lot better too. The original version I had was terrible, and I just *had* to redo it.

Thanks for commenting! LOVE YR ICON!!!!!!!!!!

I understand, I'm the same way!

Yes it was gun!Kate, i'm in love with it.

Thank you so much , it still makes me laugh whenever I use it.

You know I love your whole layout, so clean and professional looking, and I appreciate how much creativity you put into your icons! Every one is different!

These are great! I never knew that Quentin Tarantino did an episode of CSI.

Season 5 Episodes 24 and 25. "Grave Danger". Beyond awesome, although if you're a Tarantino fan, you might recognize some of the stuff in it. You have no idea how much I recommend watching this two parter.


Full Episode:

I did a picspam and teeny review back for fandomverse here.

Thanks for commenting!

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